Blackmax Technology

BlackMax’s Technology is the most advanced and environmental friendly among others in the window film industry. Made with the latest technology in Nano-Ceramic and Carbon coating and coloring, our film easily outperformed all conventional dyed and metallic film available in the market today. Nano-ceramic is a type of material that has an excellent heat rejection/absorption properties,with 80% composition of this material on our film added with our Carbon coloring and crystal clear adhesive technology, our window film is one of the best film in the market.

This unique Carbon material has a natural black color and has a higher fading resistance as compared to reguler dye coloring. Another significant advantage of our film is in our adhesive which is crystal-clear yet strong so your window’s clarity is uncompromised. Our top of the line film, BlackMax Ceramic,is composed of 80% nano ceramic material,making it one ofthe highest amongother ceramic film in the industry. Our film is 100% metal free, therefore will not interfere with GPS and other electronic devices.