BlackMax HP (High Performance)

is made with the highest-grade silicon materials and the latest tint technology with color stable coloring, our HP films are guaranteed that it can withstand the most harst environment while maintaining its deep glossy black color for many years to come.

BlackMax Titanium

Has a unique looks, excellent optical clarity and good heat rejection. This film is made with the same manufacturing, materials and tint technology as BlackMax HP but with an additional layer of Carbon Silicon hybrid that provides additional heat rejection capabilities.

BlackMax Nichrome

Is the ultimate choice for drivers looking for high quality window film with superior performance. This film is applied with an additional IR rejection layers that offers advanced UV and Heat protection.

BlackMax Carbon

Has as a dark sophisticated non-reflective finish which is suited for high end applications. It is made with proprietary manufacturing process that uses state of the art Carbon technology that offers outstanding IR and Heat rejection with advanced UV protection.

BlackMax Ceramic

It is our top of the line window film product. With the highest amount of heat-rejection Nano-Ceramic material content of up to 80% of the overall film composition, BlackMax Ceramic Series is the ultimate choice of window film for many high-end vehicles. Using a combination of Carbon and Nano-Ceramic technology, BlackMax Ceramic Film offers exceptional Heat, IR and UV rejection. In addition, with Carbon particles embedded within its layers of polyester, BlackMax Ceramic also has a high resistance against color fading and has a deep glossy black appearance that will definitely enhances the aesthetics look of your vehicle.Due to these many components, BlackMax Ceramic film has an extra overall film thickness that will enhance the properties of your windows, making them harder to break, adding extra security against burglary, vandalism or in the event of natural disasters.

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